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NEWS: Clots Matter Creating Partnerships within the Thrombosis Community in Canada



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Clots Matter Press Release Clots Matter Creating Partnerships within the Thrombosis Community in Canada

HAMILTON, ON – (Wednesday, October 5th, 2016) – Clots Matter, a newly founded non-profit organization in Canada, announced its official partnership with Thrombosis Canada™ - a leading industry organization in the field of thrombosis care and thrombosis research within Canada. Clots Matter will be developing an education based and peer support platform for patients suffering from; blood clots, vascular illnesses and thrombosis related illnesses.

Clots Matter focuses efforts on offering patient-based education programs and research systems developed and maintained by thrombosis patients, while also being backed by professionals and experts within the field. Clots Matter founder, Martin R. Lemieux, with over 19 years’ experience surviving multiple blood clots and rare vascular conditions, will ensure programs developed are met to the highest standards for patients.

I realized that my vast experiences with blood clots gave me an opportunity to help others, which is why I devote all my time into this program.says Martin.

As the voice of Medicine since 1991, Thrombosis Canada™ is a membership based team of vascular professionals throughout Canada, which is also located in Hamilton, ON – helping to further research for patients globally related to thrombosis related illnesses.

With its strategic positioning and partnerships, Clots Matter is now in a position to have access to leading thrombosis researchers in Canada, while also benefiting from an unrestricted grant for the future development of its educational and research programs.

As a leading global research-based pharmaceutical company, LEO Pharma Canada (A division of LEO Pharma A/S), specializes in skin health and thrombosis (blood clots). In support of initiatives to raise awareness of thrombosis and improve resources available to patients, LEO Pharma Canada has provided an unrestricted grant to Clots Matter.

Making educated partnerships is crucial for the survival of Clots Matter. As a program based on the value of Patients Helping Patients, we rely directly on industry experts for guidance in the field. Thrombosis Canada™ is a membership based organization that offers leadership to help our strategic growth, that is well respected throughout the thrombosis community. We are very fortunate to be partnered by Thrombosis Canada™, while also receiving an unrestricted grant from LEO Pharma Canada.Asserts – Martin R. Lemieux, Founder and President.

Facts about Clots Matter:

• Created by patients for patients

• Self-sufficient non-profit organization in Canada, not governed by any other interest, business or other

• Developing unique patient programs catered to helping patients and family members with the stresses of long-term health conditions, rare illnesses and potentially fatal life-threatening events

• Provide useful tools for patients, to help with the development of patient healthcare management in order to relieve the financial burden on the Canadian health system

• Established as a voice for patients, while offering support platforms within the community

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Martin R. Lemieux
Clots Matter
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Clots Matter Creating Partnerships within the Thrombosis Community in Canada

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