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Helene Lemieux-Moore

As the French Translations Board Member, Helene's work helps to bring our communities together.



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Helene Lemieux-Moore Helene Lemieux-Moore
French Translations Advisory

Mother to founder Martin R. Lemieux, Helene has also acquired over the years a vast array of knowledge related to rare vascular illnesses. Helene has been an integral support for the past 19 years, attending over 98% of Martin’s healthcare appointments, and learning through Martin’s experiences.

Helene works in the Insurance sector for the past 20 years and is currently working for ManuLife Financial as a Bilingual Claims Examiner. Working and interacting with claimants daily has given her a unique opportunity to understand the “hearts and minds” of patients throughout Canada. Helene has seen 1st hand the effects these rare illnesses have on patients, their family members and their life.

Helene oversees all French translations for the Clots Matter network, as well as assisting in other supportive roles as needed.

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