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Lisa D. Duffett, MD, FRCPC

As the Patient Advisory Board Member, Lisa's work with patients will help to bridge the gaps.



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Dr. Lisa Duffett Lisa D. Duffett, MD, FRCPC
Patient Advisory

Dr. Lisa Duffett has been appointed to the Department of Medicine in the Division of Hematology at the Ottawa Hospital, effective January 2014. Dr. Duffett has also been appointed as an Associate Scientist within the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in the Clinical Epidemiology program.

Dr. Duffett completed her medical degree at Memorial University (2007). Her postgraduate education includes Internal Medicine training at Memorial University (2010) followed by a Hematology specialization at the University of Ottawa (2012), where she served as chief resident, and a Thrombosis sub-specialization at the University of Ottawa (2014). Dr. Duffett is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (Internal Medicine and Hematology). Dr. Duffett also received research training through the University of Ottawa Clinical Investigator Program (2012-2014) and is a candidate for M.Sc., Epidemiology.

Dr. Duffett practices Hematology at the Ottawa Hospital with a focus in benign Hematology and Thrombosis. Her research interest is in Thrombosis, in particular in the diagnosis and treatment of superficial vein thrombosis and patient advocacy and engagement in clinical research. Dr. Duffett is the principle investigator on a project to develop an evidenced based patient education program with the Ottawa Hospital Thrombosis Assessment and Treatment Unit, and is actively involved in developing patient engagement collaboration within the Canadian Venous Thromboembolic Clinical Trials and Outcomes Research group.

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