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Martin R. Lemieux, PA

As the President & Founder of Clots Matter Inc., Martin brings 19+ years experience as a blood clot patient.



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Martin R. Lemieux Martin R. Lemieux, PA
Founder & President

Martin R. Lemieux is the Founder & President of Clots Matter, a patient based non-profit organization offering education and community for thrombosis patients throughout Canada. Martin has suffered through multiple blood clots for over 19 years, including five DVTs in his left leg, one DVT in his right leg and one DVT in his left pelvic area. He also has a hereditary condition called Factor V Leiden (prone to clotting) and a vascular illness called Livedoid Vasculopathy, a rare form of Post Thrombotic Syndrome which has caused non-healing chronic venous ulcers that have remained open for the past 9 years.

Martin has over 20 years’ experience in marketing. He previously owned an advertising agency for 12 years which was world renown online for small-business advice and marketing tips. His marketing network managed to reach across the globe, serving more than a million unique visitors a month, while operating within the top 5,000 most popular websites in the world.

Mr. Lemieux now works closely with thrombosis experts as the Patient Ambassador for Thrombosis Canada, Patient Partner for the CanVector Network and a Founding Mentor for the Mayo Clinic Connect community.

Blood Clot History:

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